STEP Program


STEP is an international educational programme specifically designed to build the foundations of tropical diseases and unmask their impact on exposed communities.


Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum


The contribution of the University of Khartoum as the pioneer of university education in Africa and the Middle East and its involvement in the development of the Sudan can not be understated. The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Khartoum is Sudan's oldest and largest medical faculty undertaking teaching and research in health and medicine of international standards.




Sudan is the 3rd largest country in Africa, covering 8% of the continent’s surface. It borders on Egypt and Libya in the North, Chad and the Central African Republic in the West, South Sudan in the south and Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Red Sea in the East. Sudan is as geographically diverse as it is culturally, going from the Nubian and Libyan Desert in the North to the tropical forests of the South.


About Us


STEP is a project for international medical students to get acquainted with the pathological and clinical features of the Tropical Diseases as well as discussing the management plans including investigations. It is held annually in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum and supervised by Professors, Doctors and Tutors specialized in each field.



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