Pre Application Info




We as STEP 2018 organizing committee will issue you a visa upon arrival at Khartoum International Airport, for free.




Reccommended vaccines are yellow fever, hepatitis A and DTP. Typhoid A "cholera not indicated" statement is obligatory. Malaria is endemic, so preventative medication is advised. A moquito net and repellent cream might also come in handy, mainly during the medical mission.




The STEP house, as we like to call it, will be situated in Khartoum East. A prime location close to both Soba Universal Hospital and the university itslef. Not only is the area close to the university but it is a very live area filled with restaurants, cafes and much more.

As for the house itself, it is a regular house with enough rooms so that there are no more than 3 students per room. A kitchen to satisfy all your culinary needs and a large living area for all those that just want to lay back and relax.




As part of the STEP package we will provide a bus that will take all students to and from the airport, to their scientific programme and to social programmes. You will be informed of the bus arrival and departure time prior to any organized activity.