Sudan Tropical Exchange Project (STEP)


STEP is an international educational programme specifically designed to build the foundations of tropical diseases and unmask their impact on exposed communities.

The programme reviews tropical diseases including Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leishmaniasis, Schistosomiasis, Typhoid fever, Tropical gastroenterology, Rheumatic fever and Mycetoma.


In order to provide an enriched theoretical and clinical experience, the course is implemented in the following manner:

- Lectures

- Laboratory work

- Clinical live cases

- Hospital rounds

- Surgical operations


Moreover, STEP aims to provide community aids which are accomplished through the Medical Mission.

The Medical Mission aims to raise awareness through health education in addition to providing free diagnosis, investigations and treatment in the rural areas of Sudan; all while exploring the African culture and the Sudanese heritage through a very rich social programme.


STEP is composed of 4 programmes:





We offer the opportunity for medical students worldwide to learn about tropical diseases and clinical syndromes that may not be regularly found in their home country.




Sudan is a country rich in cultural diversities and owns a very long history of civilizations dating back to before the Pharaonic era.


Medical Mission


During the final week of the scientific programme, students will travel to a rural area and participate in a medical mission. The Medical Mission is an activity through which students and young doctors provide free medical care to people in a target rural area.


Post-STEP Tour


The Post STEP tour is an optional social program for the participants to visit the Red Sea state.